Our Philosophy

The aim of nursing education is to train professional nurses who are sensitive about the changes and progresses that affect human health in daily life, provide nursing care for healthy or ill individual, able to plan, practice and evaluate nursing care, can be a part of nursing education, administration and research, and work in accordance with professional ethics.

In this context, with its humanistic education concept, KUSON aims at educating professional nursing members who are respectful to human rights and values, have the ability of learning for the life time, can be a part of improving, protecting, cure and rehabilitation of the human health with an integrated approach, open to change, have leadership characteristics and ability of self-expression in accordance with legal and ethical principles. SON’s faculty is composed of strong, dynamic, investigator and notable members on their areas of research.

We believe that every human being is naturally a biological, psychological, social and moral whole who functions both within the family and the community to maintain life, health, and well-being. Health means well-being and optimum functioning. We also believe in the promotion, maintenance, and restoration of health and provision of support and care during illness. Nursing is an interpersonal and caring relationship with the person that promotes, maintains and restores health by managing and providing care and assisting persons to develop self-care skills. The environment is the set of circumstances or conditions external to human beings that affect their well-being positively or negatively. It includes the physical, biological, familial, and sociocultural systems that affect the development of each person. Humanistic approach, helps foster mental and emotional health in addition to physical health. Within this philosophy, our curriculum’s basic concepts are composed of human, health, nursing, environment and humanism.