1             Has theoretical and practical knowledge required fulfilling occupational roles and functions.

2             Has general knowledge as a requirement of being an individual and member of a profession.


3             Performs nursing practices in accordance with professional principles and standards.

4             Fulfills the healthcare requirements for the individual, family, and society with an integrated approach in the course of nursing.


5             Participates in studies, projects, and activities in coordination with the health care team and other disciplines with the sense of social responsibility.

6             Implements learning, teaching, and management phases during nursing practice.

7             Uses learning, problem solving, and critical thinking skills for a lifetime.

8             Uses effective communication skills.

9             Uses information and maintenance technologies in his/her professional practices and research.

10           Uses scientific principles, methods, and research results in nursing practices.

11           Makes use of foreign language(s) to follow knowledge in his/her area and communicate with his/her colleagues.

12           Acts in accordance with the principles and values of professional ethics in nursing practices.

13           Performs nursing by following the relevant policies and in accordance with the laws.

14           Participates in activities that will contribute to professional improvement and ensure lifelong learning.

15           Be a role model for his colleagues and society with his/her professional identity.

16           Regards the universality of basic values and social rights.