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2024-05-10 19:00

2024-05-10 19:00

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Age Restriction: 13+

Duration: One act, 65 mins.

In the times when the sky has not yet been pierced by concrete, a girl grows up on the streets and in front of the apartment buildings of the big city. The only daughter of the beautiful housewife mother and meticulous lawyer father: Handan. Growing up through turbulent times, both on the streets and inside the house she shares with her parents, Handan is a young woman who finds her own path.

Her mind and heart are filled with voices; a melody from far away, birds, the sound of rails, the rustle of a joyful gift package, the voices of her mother, father, grandmother, aunt... Then, suddenly, multiple 'thud' sounds echoing on the walls of different homes at different times...

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Written by: Murat Mahmutyazıcıoğlu Directed by: Hira Tekindor Performed by: Zerrin Tekindor Producer: Ayşe Barım Executive Producer: Duygu Bayram Set Design: Şirin Dağtekin Yenen Lighting Design: Yakup Çartık Costume Design: Gamze Saraçoğlu Assistant Director: Beste Güven Production Coordinator: Ayşegül Beyazdağ Assistant Director: Şeyma Demircan Stage Manager: Abdurrahim Mert Photography: Özlem Dinç Poster Design: Berkcan Okar