Wound Research Laboratory

Wound Research Laboratory (AY-Lab), under the leadership of Prof. Ayişe Karadağ, aims to conduct innovation and solution-oriented studies in the health field, as a laboratory that researches the prevention of chronic wounds and modern wound healing. AY-Lab, the first interdisciplinary centre for chronic wound management in Türkiye (founded on September 1, 2023), offers local, national, and international studies and solutions with an interdisciplinary approach to chronic wound management, in collaboration with nursing, engineering, medicine, psychology, educational sciences and social sciences.
To develop innovative solutions by conducting in-depth research on the prevention of chronic wounds, effective treatment, reducing costs on the healthcare system and improving the quality of life of individuals with chronic wounds.

Innovation in Wound Care Nursing: To improve the quality of life of patients with chronic wounds by developing new and effective strategies in nursing care.


Understanding Wound Healing Mechanisms: To understand the basic mechanisms of the wound healing process, determine the factors affecting these mechanisms, and positively impact the processes with nursing care.


Developing Innovative Treatment Methods: Developing alternative, effective, and innovative wound healing methods, products and strategies to traditional treatment methods.


Academic Contribution: To provide opportunities for healthcare professionals, students, and academics to learn about managing chronic wounds through training, consultancy, and practice.


Improving Community Service and Patient Experience: Understanding and improving the experiences of patients and families in the wound healing process by conducting integrated studies with psychology and social sciences.

Prof. Ayişe Karadağ, Koç University School of Nursing, Faculty Member

Ayşe Sılanur Demir, Koç University Graduate School of Health Sciences, Teaching Assistant

Havvanur Kılıç, Koç University Graduate School of Health Sciences, Teaching Assistant

Aleyna Uçanbelen, Koç University Graduate School of Health Sciences, Teaching Assistant

Prof. Ayişe Karadağ: akaradag@ku.edu.tr

Ayşe Sılanur Demir: aysedemir20@ku.edu.tr