Koç University School of Nursing

Dean's Message

Nursing is a unique profession making differences in human life with its professional touch and indispensability in social services. Nursing, today, plays its most significant role in all its history in the development of health and the transformation of health services. Although developing science and technology have been changing the nature of many professions and threatening them to disappear, the need for “Care,” which is the purpose of nursing, has been increasing all over the world. Nurses provide health care services for the public, families, and individuals mostly in hospitals, long-term care facilities, ambulatory care centers, home care centers, schools, and companies. Additionally, nurses generate knowledge in the research and development centers, health education, consultancy units, and implement it into the services. There is an ongoing need to train nurses innovatively across a broad spectrum to provide critical services throughout the world.

Koc University School of Nursing has responsibility to develop nurses’ leaders who will make a difference and contribute to the improvement of health outcomes for patients and families as well as generating knowledge that enhances nursing education and practices.

The foundation of School of Nursing dating back approximately a century was based on Amiral Bristol School of Nursing, which is the first private and international health education institution and was established under the American Hospital in 1920 supported by the USA Government until 1957. This school was incorporated into Vehbi Koc Foundation in 1995. Under the leadership of Semahat Arsel, who has been supporting the professional development of nursing by providing a unique and unprecedented contribution to nursing, this school has continued to provide teaching and education as a School of Health at Koç University in the Academic Year 1998-1999. The name of the school was changed to School of Nursing in 2005 with the decree of the Council of Ministers, and in 2016, the School of Nursing was closed, and transformed into a college.

This deep-rooted institution has crowned its leadership in nursing education, by being accredited in 2017 by ACEN (Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing).

School of Nursing offers Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN), Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) and Doctoral (PhD) Nursing Programs. The faculty has also got close working relationship with the Semahat Arsel Nursing Education and Research Center which supports research projects and certified training programs.

Our faculty is situated in İstanbul where modern nursing was established is inviting you to consider our unique curriculum that is different than rest of the Schools of Nursing in Türkiye. The curriculum matches with the Koc University educational approach which allows you to have double major and minor programs. The faculty resources include classes that compatible with educational technology, libraries, laboratories, simulation center, excellent clinical practice settings and prolific faculty members to help you to become a nurse leader and researcher that would make a difference in health in a global world.

I invite you to join us in our journey in School of Nursing that assembles best students, faculty members and researchers with the approach of enriching and empowering each other.

All students and prospective faculty members/instructors, all institutions and organizations that search for excellence in education, research and social services and wish to collaborate, we will be pleased if you reach us at:

Prof. Ayişe Karadağ


Our History

Proud to offer a nursing education experience for nearly 100 years


Koç University School of Nursing was founded in 1999 as a result of the cooperation with John Hopkins University School of Nursing which is one of the best five schools in the world.


SON aims at educating nurses who are leader, use evidence-based knowledge, have critical thinking abilities, respectful to human rights and values, have the ability for lifelong learning, take charge in improving and preserving human health, treatment and rehabilitation with integrated approach, open to change, have the ability to express themselves in accordance with legal and ethical principles. SON transformed into a college starting from 2016-2017 Academic Year.

International accreditation process of our school is completed. KUSON became the first faculty in Türkiye accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN) which is one of the most prestigious accreditation commissions in nursing in United States of America.

KUSON provides an active, comfortable, and enjoyable education with its notable faculty members and modern building in Topkapı Health Sciences Campus which includes prospective technological equipment, modern service intellection, audio/visual equipped classrooms, conference rooms, simulation laboratories, computer laboratories, cafeteria, and resting areas. The Health Sciences Library in Topkapı Health Sciences Campus provides the most qualified, contemporary, and rich hard copy and digital sources in Türkiye about nursing.

The club activities in SON support the social progress of our students. They can also benefit from the several cultural and social activities which take place in Koç University Rumelifeneri Campus.

SON provides an opportunity for clinical and field education to students in Vehbi Koç Foundation Healthcare institutions and other partner institutions. It is also important for us to give students the responsibility for being an innovative power source in health sector and for caring in accordance with the international standards.

After successfully completing the ELC (English Language Center) Program and four year education period, students deserve the nursing bachelor’s degree. Our graduates have opportunities to find jobs everywhere in Türkiye and they can also work abroad with the help of their education. Our graduate students can continue their master or doctoral educations in/outside the country.

General Education Competencies

  1. Fulfills the healthcare requirements for the individual, family, and society with using the critical thinking skills, an integrated approach and ethical principles in the course of nursing (Care-giver role).
  2. Ability to fulfill educational and consulting services for protecting and improving the health of an individual, family, and society, and managing in case of sickness (Educator role).
  3. Planning and implementing the nursing researches or participating team works towards protecting and improving health and treatment and rehabilitation process (Researcher role).
  4. Lead the care with using nursing management skills and principles and cooperating with his/her colleagues and team members (Manager role).
  5. Act in accordance with health regulations, ethical principles, and institutional standards and plan an active role in increasing the status of the profession (Professional role).